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Here are some cool resources that you may not have heard of.
These cover everything from copywriting, UI design, research, business tools, development, 3D rendering and more.

I’ve put together a list of 70+ resources across multiple disciplines.

mega resource
Pay what you want for my resource list
  • copy.ai

    AI marketing tool that WORKS.

  • Growth.Design

    The greatest case study format, in and engaging and fun way.

  • Slip

    Programmer? Monetize your experience and create a course for others to learn from.

  • Testimonial.to

    Get video testimonials from your customers, easily.

Get inspired

As part of the Twitter tech community, I’ve met some amazing, inspiring people. Check them out and give them a follow.

  • Cassidy

    Come for the geek stay for the laughs 😂

  • Chris Do

    Chris is a paradox. The seller that does not sell & the loud introvert. Chris is great at understanding your business and the value of services and wants you to too.

  • Emma Bostian

    Genuine and relatable engineer. 1/4 of @ladybugpodcast

  • Twan Mulder

    Friendly and engaging builder and writer.

  • Blake Emal

    Audience-growing extraordinaire. Transparent and giving.

  • Minh-Phuc Tran

    Engaging and genuine engineer building notiontweet.app in public

  • Damon Chen

    One of the first inspiring creators I followed on the bird app. Business bootstraper and builder in public.

  • Dan Spratling

    Another kindred spirit; UX engineer & digital founder at skyward.digital

  • Graeme Crawley

    The best avatar maker I have ever seen.

  • Ali Spittel

    Engineer advocate & 1/4 @ladybugpodcast

  • Gene

    Engaging product maker and creator advocate

  • Aadit Sheth

    Framework creator, tapping into the gears of what makes things tick.

  • Bereket

    The 13 year old we all wished we were. Building in public.

  • @levelsio

    The product-buidling KING 👑

  • Csaba Kissi

    Supportive and engaging creator. Building products in public celebrating others.

  • Marie Ng

    llamalife.co creator, inspiring and transparent insight into creating a SAAS

  • Arvid Kahl

    Celebrates founders. Successful bootstrapper, book writer.

  • Victor

    Victor is a kindred spirit; a developer with a passion for UI and UX design.

  • Edan Ben-Atar

    Edan is an inspiring freelance-father in the WordPress and Shopify community

  • Johny Vino

    The best UX micro interaction designer. Really fueled my fire for UI & UX design at the beginning.

  • Jack Forge

    Niche specialist and twitter-tech personality.

  • Dashiell Bark-Huss

    Truely unique: Dashiell is building a device that allows you to tweet from lucid dreams ☁

  • Kenneth Cassel

    Inspiring builder in public. See slip.so and vim.so. Engaging and supportive.

  • Kelly Vaughn

    The founder & CEO of one of the best shopify agency thetaproom.com and 1/4 of @ladybugpodcast

  • Tom Hirst

    Expert WordPress headless consultant

My toolbelt

Here are some of the tools I use to run my business. These cover project management, communication, web design & development.

  • Figma

    My go-to UI design app

  • Unsplash

    The best place for free usable images

  • Local WP

    LocalWP is the best local environment GUI application I’ve used to quickly create a wordpress environment.

  • Notion

    All in one document/CRM app.

  • Quickbooks

    I use quickbooks in conjuction with my accountant to manage company invoices, expenses and forecasting.

  • Slack

    All in one communication. Great when working with teams and when working with clients.

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