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Clockwork Dreams

Clockwork Dreams; taking the headache out of your webcasting project. Clockwork Dreams promises industry-leading standards in webcasting to the North East

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  • Project lead
  • Logo design
  • Brand Design
  • Technical Support
  • User Research
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Site maintenance


  • Research
  • Bootstrap
  • Wireframes
  • Style guide
  • Responsive design
  • WordPress
  • TailwindCSS


Clockwork Dreams

Project overview

Josh came to me with the ambition to rebrand and redesign his company website. Clockwork dreams was an established business but Josh felt that the branding and website felt dated. I introduced him to Gemma (branding specialist), and together with Mell (content writer) we worked to create a whole new brand, look and feel as well as a bespoke WordPress website.

Josh also wanted to reposition Clockwork Dreams and update their service offerings.

The Problem

At a basic level, the 2 core problems were;

  1. An unprofessional website and brand (including logo, colours, typography, web design).
  2. An out of date business positioning and definitive list of services that Clockwork Dreams offered.

Ultimately the website and branding did not reflect Clockwork Dreams positioning andpurpose.

The Solution

To begin with Gemma and Mell ran exercises with Josh to get into his preferences and the businesses objectives to create a logo and complimentary brandbook.

I then used this to create a digital style guide for Clockwork Dreams to use going forward.

A site map and wireframes were created to confirm site hierarchy and content structure before progressing to concept design, full design and web development.

The process

1. Logo design & brandbook

Logo design & brandbook created by Gemma Watson, brandbook copy written by Mell Black.

The process

2. Infrastructure

Once I understood the requirements for the new site through discussions with Josh, I was able to create a site structure to confirm hierarchy going forward.

He’s not about just building a website, but making sure it fulfils its purpose.

When I needed a new website to help with my freelance work and grow my own brand, Carl came highly recommended and he didn’t disappoint. He’s not about just building a website, but making sure it fulfils its purpose. He’s communicative and straight-forward, and has always been happy to answer whatever questions I have for him. I will be retaining his services for some time to come, and I don’t hesitate recommending him to anyone I know who needs help with their website and user experiences.

Joshua Robinson – Director @ Clockwork Dreams
The process

3. Wireframes

The wireframe stages acts as a low-fidelity prototype and list of proposed elements before design begins.

The process

4. Concepts

I worked through a few variations before proposing to Josh. Taking on feedback, we were ready to progress to full design stage.

The process

5. Full design

Now with an agreed structure (wireframes) and art direction (concepts) I was able to design the full site. At this stage I kept Josh up to date as I progressed, so to gather feedback on the fly.

The process

5. Build and test

This stage had the least client input save for the pre-launch checks. The site launched without any issues and the client was over the moon 🚀

January 10th

✍️ Blog Design Systems Web Design 🤖 AI Content

This blog post was written by ChatGPT 🤖

Discover the many benefits of using a design system in your UI design process. From ensuring consistency, improving efficiency, and supporting scalability, to ensuring accessibility and aligning with your brand. Learn how implementing a design system can improve the overall user experience and unlock the full potential of your UI design.


October 11th

Branding Logo Web Design WebFlow 🚀 Launched Website

Built for humans web design studio website launch

The first itteration of my human-first design agency webiste for Built for humans. Created using WebFlow.

Built for humans web design studio website launch

September 27th

Development Web Design WordPress 🚀 Launched Website

New site launched

🚀 Launched this website after redesign and repositioning.

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