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Interactive Developer

From flash animating ads to email newsletters and UX consulting to fully bespoke ecommerce sites.

Responsive website design, development, testing and maintenance. Use spikes in traffic growth to improve interface design and user experience.
My role changed a lot over these year cumalating as a job more rounded in digital consultant than just a developer. My responsibilities over the course of this time, include;

  • Maintained all on-site websites for security and efficiency updates.
  • Coding languages include HTML5, CSS3/SASS, Javascript, PHP.
  • Comprehensive database management and migration from SQL.
  • Modular plugin development.
  • Implementing digital solutions into Content Management Systems such as Wordpress and Drupal.
  • Created interactive map of the globe developed with Adobe Edge Animate with custom javascript and CSS animations.
  • Flash advertisement
  • Design, storyboard and Build using tweens and actionscript to industry and brand standards.
  • HTML5 animated and rich media advertisement design and development.
  • E-mail HTML advertising/marketing (Design and Build)

January 10th

✍️ Blog Design Systems Web Design 🤖 AI Content

This blog post was written by ChatGPT 🤖

Discover the many benefits of using a design system in your UI design process. From ensuring consistency, improving efficiency, and supporting scalability, to ensuring accessibility and aligning with your brand. Learn how implementing a design system can improve the overall user experience and unlock the full potential of your UI design.


October 11th

Branding Logo Web Design WebFlow 🚀 Launched Website

Built for humans web design studio website launch

The first itteration of my human-first design agency webiste for Built for humans. Created using WebFlow.

Built for humans web design studio website launch

September 27th

Development Web Design WordPress 🚀 Launched Website

New site launched

🚀 Launched this website after redesign and repositioning.

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