🟢 Available for work

🤖 Founded Built for humans

A full-service business offering solutions and products for users and clients.

More to come on this but, with my repositioning as an in-house consultant/contractor, Built for humans is an idea to offer full-service level projects directly to businesses including web design & development, UX audits, user research, brand design, SEO services, social media management.


January 10th

✍️ Blog Design Systems Web Design 🤖 AI Content

This blog post was written by ChatGPT 🤖

Discover the many benefits of using a design system in your UI design process. From ensuring consistency, improving efficiency, and supporting scalability, to ensuring accessibility and aligning with your brand. Learn how implementing a design system can improve the overall user experience and unlock the full potential of your UI design.


October 11th

Branding Logo Web Design WebFlow 🚀 Launched Website

Built for humans web design studio website launch

The first itteration of my human-first design agency webiste for Built for humans. Created using WebFlow.

Built for humans web design studio website launch

September 27th

Development Web Design WordPress 🚀 Launched Website

New site launched

🚀 Launched this website after redesign and repositioning.

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